Food people are allergic to


There are a lot of people who are allergic to peanuts and almost everybody knows this fact. There are also other people who get allergic reactions to products that has peanut substances such as mixed nuts, peanut oil, beer nuts, and peanut butter. There are cross contamination risk on other tree nuts as well, so, to be safe, it would be better for people who are allergic to peanuts to stay away from other tree nuts as well. Most people who have allergies to peanuts also have allergies on other tree nuts. There are certain candies, chocolates, and flavorings that are made out of peanuts or have peanut substances. It would be best if you check the contents first before taking any of these foods. There are also Mexican, African and American delicacies that have peanuts in their substances. Remember to read the label before eating or buying these products.


There are a lot of people who are allergic to eggs. There are even worse cases where people get allergic reactions to simple cooking fumes of eggs. There are other kinds of foods that you must be mindful of because these foods may contain eggs. Some of these foods includes marzipan, nougat, marshmallow, baked goods, rolls, breads, meatballs, mayonnaise, hot dogs, candies, pastas, and even ice creams.


Milk is another type of food that a lot of people are allergic to. Even with just a small content of milk, other people will easily get an allergic reaction already. This kind of allergic reactions can sometimes put a patient into coma. Besides sheep, cow, and goat milk, people may also get allergic reactions from sour cream, pudding, ice cream, yogurt, half and half, cheese, butter, cream, and more. If you are allergic to milk, you must be mindful of foods such as mayonnaise, breads, salad dressings, hot dogs, sorbet, chocolate, deli meats, nondairy creamer, canned tuna, and veggie burgers.


there are a lot of people who are allergic to fish. People who are allergic to fish must also avoid shellfish and other seafoods, because of cross contamination. If you are allergic to fish and seafood, you must avoid caponata, fish sauce, Worcestershire sauce, surimi, and Caesar salad dressing that has anchovy paste.


People who are allergic to wheat must avoid seitan, bulgur, kamut, semolina, wheat berries, wheat germ, bran, breads, cereals, and wheat-based pastas. You must also avoid hot dogs, spelt, couscous, breadcrums, soy sauce, deli meats, potato chips, bouillon cubes, ice cream and french fries.


A lot of people are also allergic to soy. If you are allergic to soy make sure you avoid miso, tamari, vegetable protein, soy nuts, soy sauce, soybeans, edamame, tempeh , tofu and soymilk. There are other food that may contain soy as well, like vegetarian products, soups, sauces, infant formula, cereals, starch and more.